6 Factors That Make Living in High-Rise Flats the Ultimate Experience

December 2, 2022
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Considering the ever-increasing space crunch in the urban areas of the country, more and more high-rise buildings are coming up every year, standing tall and mighty against the cluttered backdrop of the city skylines. While the main motive behind the increasing number of such structures was to create more quality living spaces for city folks to inhabit, high-rise apartments soon became synonymous with an ultra-modern and luxurious lifestyle. One of the top builders in Mumbai, L&T Realty has developed a couple of exceptional high-rise residential properties in the city, including Crescent Bay in Parel, Rejuve 360 in Mulund, Emerald Isle in Powai, etc. and many more in other locations across India.

A high-rise building is essentially a tower that goes above a specific height or a certain unit of stories – typically higher than ten stories, but the limit can vary from one geographical location to another, or even from one country to another. Prospective homebuyers often have to choose from among the categories of low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise projects before zeroing in on their preferred apartment. Although this choice ultimately boils down to one’s budget and the lifestyle one desires, there are other factors at play which make high-rise flats the best kind of homes to own.

6 Advantages of Living in High-Rise Flats

1. The Views
Probably the most significant perk of living in a high-rise residence is that you get to enjoy uninterrupted views from your balconies and windows! It is common knowledge that higher the level, the better will be the view you behold compared to the homes placed on the lower floors. The view from your abode is your connection to the world outside, so this aspect surely matters a lot. Besides, high-rise apartments also receive a greater amount of fresh air and natural light, helping you bring the outdoors into your living space, effortlessly.

2. The Environment
Another distinct attribute of high-rise flats is that their placement keeps them away from the city’s chaotic hustle and bustle, even if the building lies right in the middle of it! This enables residents of these homes to live in a calm environment that is free from pollution and noise. Other than the scenic views, these environmental benefits also contribute to making your living experience peaceful and comfortable. L&T Realty’s Veridian at Emerald Isle, Mumbai, is one such fine high-rise property, offering a luxury 1 BHK in Powai as well as 2 and 3 BHK flats amidst a serene, nature-enveloped environment.

3. The Amenities
Most often, high-rise apartment buildings feature a host of thoughtfully designed amenities, which allow residents to live a life of comfort and luxury. From clubhouses and swimming pools to gardens, gymnasiums and more, along with superior services for maintenance, trash collection, etc. people residing in these flats have plenty to look forward to everyday.

4. The Convenience
You’ll find that high-rise residential towers are commonly located in prime locations of a city, which offers major advantages in terms of connectivity and transportation. Also, social infrastructure like educational institutions and healthcare establishments as well as shopping and entertainment avenues are more than likely to be present in the property’s vicinity, providing residents easy access to these necessities.

5. Safety and Security
High-rise buildings have tight security as one of its main features, as they tend to be equipped with CCTV cameras and a vigilant security staff on its premises. These security measures are imperative for one to feel safe in their abode.

6. Progressive Neighbourhood
Living in a good neighbourhood housing progressive-minded individuals is rather vital, especially for those who are used to socialising among the like. In high-rise buildings, you can be rest assured to come across fellow residents with whom you can develop this sense of collective belonging.

Therefore, all of these factors come together to make high-rise living an experience unlike any other. Whether you own a swanky 3 BHK flat in Bangalore at L&T Realty’s luxury residential project Raintree Boulevard, or a home with different configurations at any other high-rise property of the reputed builder across India, you are sure to witness all these advantages and more.