L&T Tech Park 1

L&T Tech Park, situated within the expansive 65-acre L&T campus in Hebbal, North Bangalore, stands as the premier office space of the larger complex. Ideally located along the 16-lane National Highway and the Elevated Expressway to the Airport, Tech Park 1 spans 3.7 million sq. ft., offering dedicated IT/ITES office spaces. Leveraging L&T’s engineering and construction expertise, it emerges as the preferred choice for knowledge and technology companies.

Key Differentiators
State-of-the-art, destination-controlled high-speed elevators equipped with sensor-based passenger restriction technology.

Thermal screening scanners strategically placed in common areas.

Air Handling Units (AHUs) incorporating UV lamps and active carbon filters.

Energy-efficient building and systems harnessing renewable solar energy.

Environmentally friendly construction, employing reused and recycled materials.

100% Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) water recycling for various purposes such as drip irrigation, cooling towers, and dual flushing.

Landscaping adorned with native and adaptive species of flora.