A Guide To Decorating Your Home With Plants

November 16, 2023
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Using plants for interior decoration has become increasingly popular over the years, as it adds a lot of life and vibrance to a home while also helping us keep in touch with nature. Whether you are looking to invest in the exquisite flats in Emerald Isle Powai or property elsewhere, it is always a good idea to decorate a home with plant life. We at L&T Realty have put together a brief guide on how you can go about doing so.

Tips for Interior Decoration With Plants

Window Sills
This is probably the most popular way people choose to decorate their home with plants, and the abundance of light coming in through the windows make the window sill an ideal spot for some greenery. If you do not have a big enough window sill to keep plants on, you can place a small table right in front of the window or even fix shelves onto the window sill, creating a perfect place for small plants – especially those that love the natural light that will spill in from the windows.

Shelf Decorations
Plants are a fantastic addition when it comes to decorating shelves, and they tend to bring a certain fresh energy and homeliness to practically any shelf design. The most popular and easiest plants to use to decorate shelves are succulent plants, which take up a relatively small amount of space and would fit right in up on your shelves. They also already have a naturally decorative look to them, and they do not need too much attention.
You could also opt for a wider variety of plants to put on a larger shelf, which you can then use to nicely divide an open space. A large shelf holding many different plants of vibrant shades and varied appearances is a green and tasteful way to segregate your space into different zones, and it will also help the space feel more light and inviting.

Leaving your living room or bedroom corners untouched and empty can make it look a little incomplete or awkward, and the easy fix for this is to liven up these corners with plants. This will be especially useful for those corner spaces which aren’t really big enough to accommodate bigger decor or furniture pieces. Keeping a plant will make the corner look a lot more visually appealing and less plain, while also adding some personality and color to the corner. However, the main aspect to look out for when decorating such spaces with plants is to pick a plant that does not require too much natural light to survive.

Bathroom Decor
Many people tend to leave the decor for their apartment bathrooms relatively minimal, with the space often seen as purely functional without a need for enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Considering the fact that they are spaces with a much higher humidity as compared to the rest of your home, they are the perfect space to decorate with various plants. The window of your bathroom is the ideal place to put them, with the adequate availability of natural light entering the space. If not the window sill, then you could even keep plants on a small stool or countertop in the bathroom to liven up the space and make it feel less stuffy.

Hanging Greenery
This is a fantastic way to try and layer your plant decor at different heights within your apartment, which will help in adding some contrast and style to your living room. Hanging plants from the walls as well as from the ceiling has become quite a popular trend over recent years, and for very good reason. It makes your living space look more unique, homely, and will add some much needed personality. Hanging plants from the ceiling of the home will also create a floating visual effect, and we highly recommend opting for this bohemian style decor for your apartment.

Decorating your apartment interiors using plants is a surefire way to add some life and warmth, and will also make the space feel like it’s your own. Whether you’re moving into the lavish apartments at L&T Raintree Boulevard in Bangalore or the wellness-focused residences of L&T Realty Rejuve 360 in Mulund, there aren’t many better choices you can make when decorating an apartment than adding some lush plant life, no matter how small or large. A great way to go about decorating with plants is to aim for variety, and you don’t really need to hold back when it comes to how many plants you can keep.

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