Are You a Senior Citizen or Have Senior Citizen Parents? Keep These Home Buying Tips in Mind

October 5, 2023
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This might not be very well-known, but many home buyers happen to belong to the senior citizen category, or they might have parents who happen to be senior citizens. If you are either of these, there are a number of things that you will want to keep track of, whether you are looking to live in one of the luxury flats in L&T Elixir Reserve or anywhere else. We have put together a list of a few of the most important of these.

Things Senior Citizens Should Look for When Buying a Home

Safety is Paramount
While safety and security are obviously still pivotal factors to take note of regardless of the age of the residents, they become all the more important if you are a senior citizen or have senior citizens in your household. It’s vital that you do not compromise on these aspects, as you need to give senior citizens a certain level of assurance about their safety. This means choosing a residential property which has round-the-clock security camera surveillance, as well as adequate security personnel. This will go a long way in providing residences, of all ages, with peace of mind.
Quality security would also entail having functional street lighting and the area also having plenty of other residents nearby. A gated community would be particularly secure in comparison to more open residential complexes, and their security measures are also sure to be good. Whether you are looking to buy a 2 BHK flat in Parel or anywhere else, deciding on a property which has adequate security measures is of utmost importance.

Recreational Activities Nearby
Once again, this is a factor that is welcomed by residents of all ages, but it is particularly helpful for senior citizens that there are restaurants, cafes, markets, cinemas, and other amenities in close proximity to the home. This can be so useful as senior citizens would much rather have easy access to all of these places where they can go even on their own, as opposed to having to wait for someone to take them there.
Another important aspect you should look out for if you are home buying for senior citizens is whether there are any parks and open spaces, where they can partake in yoga sessions and meditation. Even if any of these mentioned places are not situated at a comfortable walking distance from the property in question, then having public transport facilities such as bus stops nearby would also be very good.

Healthcare Facilities
For home buyers and potential residents who happen to be senior citizens, it is typically wiser to opt for a residential property that is located in close proximity from a healthcare facility such as a hospital or clinic. This would ensure that in cases of emergency, getting access to any form of medical attention from a professional will be quick and easy. It would also be smart to inquire whether there are any doctors who are living or practicing in the vicinity.

Encouraging Camaraderie
It is common to yearn for a sense of camaraderie. This means strengthening the bonds that you have as well as creating new bonds. When shifting your senior citizen parents, it is important to keep track of the demographic and the nature of the people who would become your neighbors. If there are other residents in the area who are also of an age closer to senior citizens, then it is sure to open doors for new friendships for your parents. They will surely appreciate the prospect of moving into a place where there are other individuals of a similar age, and who share similar interests.

The majority of senior citizens are uncomfortable or simply unable to walk up multiple flights of stairs on a regular basis. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a home which is easy for senior citizens to access. This means a property that has elderly-friendly features such as ramps as well as elevators, making it much easier for residents to access their homes. Elderly-friendly features can also extend to the actual home, including support rails and handles in bathrooms.

Home buyers who are senior citizens or who have senior citizen parents living with them will have a whole other set of details and aspects that they will need to pay attention to. Regardless of whether they are looking to buy a home in L&T Realty’s 77 Crossroads Ghatkopar or property in any other region, keeping these things in mind will help you make a much better decision for your new home.