How the Upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport Will Impact the City’s Real Estate

September 29, 2023
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The Navi Mumbai International Airport, officially known as the D B Patil International Airport, is set to be a catalyst for massive changes in the Navi Mumbai region. Since the announcement of the airport, the area has attracted a lot of attention from home buyers and real estate investors. Whether you are looking at flats for sale in Seawoods or any other place in Navi Mumbai, this blog explores why the real estate of the area is so potent thanks to the upcoming airport.

The Navi Mumbai International Airport is said to become operational by the end of 2024, and it seems that the project is past halfway with regards to its construction progress. To put into perspective the sheer size and capacity of the airport – the CSM International Airport in Mumbai is said to have a capacity of a little under 50 million passengers a year, while the NMIA is said to be able to accommodate up to 90 million passengers a year.

How Will the International Airport Affect Navi Mumbai’s Property Market?

Exponential Increase in Opportunities
Since the approval and announcement of the D B Patil International Airport in Navi Mumbai, the area has seen an impressive uptick in opportunities for growth. The project has attracted the attention of a number of multinational companies, in turn generating a wide variety of job opportunities and providing a major boost to the economy of the region. The airport is also sure to prompt various organizations from the hospitality as well as tourism and travel industry to set up shop in the same vicinity.
It would be fair to say that the airport will greatly improve the Navi Mumbai region’s standing as an attractive destination for working professionals who are in the search for new career opportunities. This inevitably means a boom in the residential real estate market in Navi Mumbai, with a huge influx of people looking for a new home. While the market for residential real estate has already seen an upturn, it is still said to be relatively low in comparison to what it could potentially become by the time the international airport is operational, which is currently rumored to be December 2024.

Enhanced Connectivity
The construction of the international airport in Navi Mumbai means an immense boost to the connectivity aspect for Navi Mumbai as a whole. The expansion as well as the development of the transportation facilities and networks will only contribute more to the impressive growth of the property market in Navi Mumbai. There have already been great steps made with the objective of boosting the connectivity and ease of travel in the area. One of these has been the construction of Palm Beach Road which has a number of premium residential projects in close proximity, including L&T West Square at Seawoods Residences which houses 3 BHK as well as 2 BHK flats in Nerul.
The airport itself will be incredibly straightforward to reach for travelers, since it boasts easy access by road, rail, as well as metro. In fact, it will be directly connected to multiple metro lines, and it will also be the first station for the Mumbai to Hyderabad high-speed railway route. It is also worth noting that the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, which is currently under construction, will greatly improve the accessibility to the airport by road from Mumbai. Buying residential real estate in Navi Mumbai would be a very sound investment, as residents in the area are set to have a very comfortable experience, whether they need to travel daily for work or simply need to get around the city quickly.

Boost to Travel and Tourism
As mentioned in the first point, the new international airport will make Navi Mumbai an increasingly attractive prospect from the perspective of the travel and tourism industry. The enhanced connectivity in and around the region will no doubt help in attracting a larger number of tourists, both domestic as well as foreign. This is a leading reason as to why the hotel industry also has a keen eye on Navi Mumbai, specifically the area surrounding the D B Patil international airport.
Navi Mumbai already happens to be located at a favorable distance from a number of popular tourist hotspots, such as Kharghar Hills and Elephanta Caves. With the region’s already rich and diverse cultural heritage, there is no doubt that the popularity of Navi Mumbai as a destination is set to multiply.

Getting In Before an Infrastructural Boom
It should go without saying that Navi Mumbai as well as the region near the upcoming international airport will undergo a huge revamp in its infrastructure. From massive improvements to transit facilities, to the development of large-scale commercial and residential projects, the foreshadowing signs of this boom can already be seen in the areas surrounding the airport. With the rapidly moving urban development and gradually improving convenience and quality of life in the area, it would be very wise to invest in residential property in Navi Mumbai as soon as possible.

These above points are just a few reasons why it would be a financially wise move to invest in a home in Navi Mumbai, taking into account the upcoming international airport. It’s simply a matter of time before Navi Mumbai is an established commercial, residential and travel center, and it’s clear to see why you should consider buying a home there. One of the leading residential projects is West Square at Seawoods Residences, where you can buy a 3 BHK or a 2 BHK flat in Navi Mumbai.