Implement These Top Design Ideas To Make Your 1 BHK Flat Seem Larger!

September 25, 2023
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When you have finally achieved your dream of buying a flat, whether it be a 1 BHK in Ghatkopar or property elsewhere, your next thought will be about how you can make it your very own. This means enhancing the decor, moving in furniture, and even giving the walls a fresh paint job. But if you are looking to make the best use out of your 1 BHK and want to make it look bigger and more spacious, there are a number of things you can do.

Tips to Make Your 1 BHK Appear Bigger

Efficient and Versatile: Use of Multi-Functional Furniture
A great way to better utilize the space within your 1 BHK would be to have decoration and furniture that offers multiple functions. An example of these includes using a large bookshelf to showcase your decor, store any items, and you can use its sheer size to try and divide the open space, almost transforming it into two separate rooms. Using furniture in such a way as architectural features within the flat is a fantastic way to almost enlarge the feel and space of the flat. You can do it with a range of other types of furniture, such as TV stand units, drawers, as well as cupboards. Whether you are looking to live in a 1 BHK or a 2 BHK in Powai, putting your furniture to good use in multiple ways is a great way to save space and open up your apartment.
Having multi-functional furniture also includes using furniture such as beds and sofas as storage units. One can easily find sofas and couches which also contain a storage space underneath the seat, and making good use of these spaces is a surefire way to save space and open up your 1 BHK. The same use can be made of the space that is available underneath your bed, and it is just as easy to find beds which come with storage slots and drawers underneath the base. Considering your bed is probably going to be the largest piece of furniture in your flat, it would be wise to make the best use of all the space it’s going to take up.

Open Up Wide: Have an Open Interior Plan
It is quite common for apartments and flats in a 1 BHK configuration to have a kitchen that remains more closed off from the hall as well as the bedroom. If you want to open up the apartment space and make it seem bigger, then it would be a smart move to have a more open interior plan for your kitchen, keeping it open to the rest of your home. Having an open kitchen by removing any doors from the kitchen area allows both the hall as well as the kitchen to look larger. It also allows the kitchen to smoothly merge into the hall, making the area look a bit more homely and put together.
One could also argue that making kitchen space an open plan makes for a much better experience when you are entertaining any guests. Since the kitchen will not be closed off from the living room, it could perhaps make for a more engaging conversation with guests even if you are in the kitchen space, whether you are making food or preparing beverages.

Color Me Light: Use Certain Lighter Hues
It can be a little difficult to make smaller spaces look bigger just through decoration and space saving tips. One method that flies a little more under the radar is picking certain colors for the walls of your apartment. There are a number of hues that are actually very effective in making rooms look a lot bigger and less congested than they actually are. It is quite often the case where the choice of color of a room is what makes it seem much smaller and even crowded. This tends to happen a lot when the choice of color is a darker hue. It is more acceptable to use darker shades for a room that is facing north, as it will also allow natural light to easily enter during both mornings as well as evenings.
An obvious and popular pick is plain white, as it is clear that lighter colors will help make a room look bigger. Of course, you could go with a range of shades of white, such as eggshell and cream white, depending on your tastes as well as the contents and layout of the room. Another cool neutral shade that would look great while also making your space a lot bigger is cool gray. This shade not only opens up the room, but also has an elegant and classy look to it. A useful trick to make your 1 BHK appear bigger is to paint the walls, ceiling, as well as the trimmings in the same shade.

Keeping It Simple: Embracing Minimalism
The age old saying “less is more” comes into full effect when you are trying to decorate and design the interior layout of your 1 BHK. Keeping the decor of your flat relatively minimal is the easiest way to make it appear bigger, whether that be with regards to furniture or even wall decoration. Crowding the space with too many pieces of decoration or furniture will just make the rooms far too congested, and in turn smaller in size. Overwhelming the valuable space with needless decoration will do you no favors.
With regards to wall decoration, there are a number of ways you can go about it without making it seem like overkill. When it comes to paintings and other framed decor, one of the tricks you can use is by picking some feature colors that will not aggressively pop out too much from the color of your walls. It is also advised to choose frames that are not too dark in color, as lighter shades do well to open up a room. This is even more important if you pick a light neutral shade such as white for the walls of your room. Hanging a mirror in the room or leaning it against the wall is a great way to make the room feel lighter and appear more open.
Regardless of whether you’re purchasing property in Ghatkopar or a 1 BHK in Powai, being efficient and tasteful with your use of space is important. It is understandable that there will be a range of elements that you want to add to your home, but going overboard with your decor, furniture and paint choices will end up making your flat look even smaller than it is. These tricks are bound to help you open up your living space and help your apartment look bigger.

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