Know the Significance of Open Spaces in a Residential Property in Mumbai

December 19, 2022
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When we speak of Mumbai, the lack of space in the bustling cosmopolitan city is among the first few things that come to mind. For several decades now, people across the country have found themselves giving in to the magnetic charm of this destination, with its many promises of growth, progress, and a better life. However, it is this same widespread popularity and the ever-expanding development to cater to it, that has led the city to become increasingly deficient in space with every passing year. Thus, a key feature that sets a residential property in Mumbai apart from the others is the availability of open spaces – a vital necessity that has now transformed into luxury for cramped up urban areas.

For individuals who are buying a new house, the design of the apartment matters more than its built-up area or square footage these days. Because efficient usage of space – made possible through intelligent design and strategically planned architecture – helps residents make the most out of their home’s square footage, and this is rather important. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that you need to look out for the open spaces on offer when you are scouting for residential properties in a city like Mumbai, as well as the way they are designed.

Here’s why open spaces are a must-have for residential properties in Mumbai:

Open spaces enhance the quality of your life

Open spaces are of utmost significance for a building structure, as they provide residents a much-desired respite from the crowded confines of the city. In fact, this element has a considerable impact on improving the quality of your life! Inclusions like walking grounds, gardens, open-air podiums, play areas for children, dedicated areas for senior citizens, etc. are the ultimate gateway to a calm and peaceful urban lifestyle. L&T Realty’s Veridian Powai is the finest example of how a residential project located right in the heart of the city can make smart use of open spaces.

They help you foster a connection with nature and the neighbourhood

Mumbai is notoriously referred to as a concrete jungle, and not quite unreasonably so. The hectic lifestyles led by the city’s inhabitants can often contribute to feelings of isolation and dissociation from the neighbourhood, and more importantly, they can make them lose their connection with nature. This is exactly where smartly conceptualised open spaces can make a difference! These spaces can help residents take a break from their chaotic daily routines and unwind, whilst bolstering their social relationships with fellow residents and allowing them to reconnect with lovely nature outside.

They are vital for your health and wellness

The necessity of open spaces ultimately comes down to the crucial benefits they hold for your health and general well-being. These spaces can pave the way for you to get access to fresh air, let you engage in your daily dose of exercise, have fun playing a sport with family or friends, or simply relax and rejuvenate yourself – all of which are indispensable for ensuring your physical and mental wellness.

L&T Realty, the leading real estate developer in India, boasts a kitty of impressive residential projects in Mumbai including Crescent Bay in Parel, Veridian at Emerald Isle in Powai, and more – all of which pay keen attention to making open spaces available to residents. But the importance of open spaces is not just restricted to Mumbai alone, it also applies equally to other crowded cities, like Bengaluru for instance. You can check out L&T Realty’s luxury apartments in Bangalore at Raintree Boulevard, a spectacular residential property featuring open spaces and natural environs in abundance.