Know the Various Advantages of Buying a Home in Parel

October 4, 2023
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Parel, while previously being primarily as an industrial hotspot in South Mumbai, is now so much more – with premium residential projects as well as experiencing huge overhauls in infrastructure development. It is now one of the most high-profile areas in the city of Mumbai, and for very good reason. Many prospective home buyers are now vying to own a unit in one of the luxurious residential offerings in the area, including Crescent Bay Parel by L&T Realty. You might be wondering exactly what the area has to offer for home buyers, and why buying a home in Parel is a good idea. We have put together this list exploring precisely that.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Home in Parel?

Commercial Hubs
While Parel is known for its immense residential offerings such as L&T Crescent Bay and many others, the area is also home to a vast number of major corporate offices and commercial hotspots. While the area used to be very well known for its textile mills many years ago, it is now one of the biggest commercial hubs within the city of Mumbai. As a matter of fact, some of the most successful and premium commercial as well as residential projects in the whole of Mumbai are actually situated in Parel. If you are a working professional, the many major offices in the area would all be in very close proximity to each other, making for a very easy commute. In fact, one could even take up a walk-to-work routine, allowing you to ditch having to use a private vehicle and make a green decision.

Superb Connectivity
The area of Parel also offers some immense connectivity to its residents. There are a wide range of transport options available, with people typically traveling by rail as well as road transport to get around. The public rail transport service is very easy to use as Parel Railway Station is in a great central location, offering an easy travel option for residents who wish to travel across the city of Mumbai. Another major feature of the connectivity of Parel is that it has a very well-connected road network, allowing for easy road travel.
Anyone who resides or works in Parel who needs to frequently travel to areas such as Worli, Nariman Point, as well as Dadar, can do so with great ease. This connectivity and ease of travel is one of the main reasons as to why Parel is such a sought after area for home buyers. It is also worth noting that the currently under construction Nhava Sheva Sea Link, also known as the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, is located a mere six kilometers away from Parel. The immense connectivity and travel options in Parel are a welcome by-product of its superb location and proximity to commercial, transit, and leisure hubs.

Vast Amenities Nearby
There are a wide range of facilities and amenities in the vicinity of the Parel area, which can be enjoyed by the inhabitants in the area. Considering the affluence of the residents of Parel and the premium quality of the infrastructure in the area, it is clear to see why there is no shortage of social hotspots in close proximity. From upbeat clubs to lively restaurants, there are a range of things for residents to do in order to unwind and enjoy their down time. There are also plenty of destinations for shopping and recreation, such as malls and parks, offering a wide selection of activities to have a good time.

Sea View High Rise Apartments
Parel also happens to be home to a number of luxurious sea view high rise residential buildings, including Crescent Bay L&T Realty, which offer an immense residential living experience in South Mumbai. The tempting prospect of waking up to fresh breeze and a view of the sea in the morning is one that is hard to fault, which is just another reason as to why Parel is such an alluring area for many home buyers in Mumbai. These residential properties will also be loaded with a range of premium amenities that are available to residents, which will no doubt offer both great comfort as well as convenience.

Parel has seen a rapid upward trajectory as a major hotspot for residential as well as commercial real estate in Mumbai. It’s no wonder why it has become an area which generates such high demand, with its impressive amenities, connectivity, and strategic location. These are just a few of the many reasons why it’s a sound investment for home buyers in Mumbai.

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