Must-Have Features and Amenities for Healthy Residential Living

November 21, 2023
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Funnily enough, while staying healthy and fit has become more important than ever, it has also become increasingly tricky for one to adopt a healthy lifestyle. With hectic working hours and attending to the needs of the family, it’s quite easy for one to lose sight of maintaining their health. But this becomes a lot easier when you live in a place which can practically accommodate all your wellness needs. One of the finest residential projects in Mulund, Rejuve 360 by L&T Realty offers a new take on healthy residential living, with high-quality amenities available to all its residents.

Residential Amenities to Help You Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

A gym or a fitness center is something that a home buyer is bound to look for when studying the various features of a particular residential property. Having a gym with adequate fitness equipment offers immense benefits for the residents of the property, and they will also be more motivated to give more importance to their fitness if there is a gym in the same vicinity as their home. It will also do wonders for promoting a more healthy and fitness-focused outlook for the community as a collective.
The main reason why it’s so great to have a gym in the residential property is the convenience it offers to its residents. They would not need to take extra time and effort in order to go to the gym and live a more healthy lifestyle, and they will also have the freedom to work out whenever they please. A drawback of the commercial gyms is that they tend to be very crowded and exercising in peace might be easier said than done. When there is a gym on site, a resident will have the luxury of working out in a more private setting, without having to bear with any disturbances.

Swimming Pools
An increasingly common feature in residential communities across India is swimming pools, and there are a number of reasons why they are such a great amenity to have. There are very few things better than being able to take a dip into a pool on a hot day, and this amenity also offers a range of impressive health benefits to residents. They not only help you relax in the sweltering heat, but swimming is also a fantastic form of exercise. While you do not overly exert your body while doing it, swimming gives you a full-body workout that helps strengthen your muscles and also enhances your endurance and lung capacity.
Having a swimming pool in the property can also contribute significantly in strengthening the bonds of the community. Kids from different households of the community can have a nice day out, playing in the pool and maybe even getting swimming lessons. Water has an incredible effect of calming the muscles as well as the mind itself, and could be just what the doctor ordered after a long and tiring day.

Sporting Facilities
Apart from gyms and swimming pools, there are a variety of other sporting facilities that a property can have which can help promote a healthier lifestyle for its residents. A jogging track or a running trail encourages residents to take up jogging on a more regular basis, which can be a fantastic way to improve one’s mental and physical health. Such an aerobic exercise will also help in improving your mobility and is known to greatly enhance cardiovascular health. Badminton, tennis, basketball courts and facilities for other sports not only offer a fun way to exercise, but also encourages interaction between residents.

Proper Ventilation and Natural Lighting
This amenity is more featured in the living spaces within the apartment units, and offers a range of benefits whose importance truly cannot be understated. Living in an environment which has plenty of ventilation and natural light can help boost your body’s immunity and lower the risk of falling ill to any diseases. It also helps in preventing an excess buildup of moisture and dampness, which can both cause damage to your home as well as potentially lead to some health issues. These issues may include asthma, allergies, as well as skin conditions. Good ventilation helps in expelling any pollutants in the air, and makes the space a lot more comfortable with optimal air flow.

Looking at these benefits of having health-focused amenities within the same property as your residence, it is clear to see why it has grown more and more common for home buyers to look for them when exploring properties. Whether you are looking to invest in sea facing flats in Navi Mumbai or simply browsing the many luxury flats in Powai, these are some amenities that are certainly worth keeping an eye out for.

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