Shifting to Your New Apartment? Keep This Checklist of Moving Day Tips Handy

October 3, 2023
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Shifting homes can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking, and the latter is typically due to dealing with the logistics involved in changing residences – from packing up your wardrobe, to transporting your furniture and appliances. Whether you are moving into one of the luxurious apartments in Crescent Bay Parel or any other property, you will be needing all the help you can get. Thankfully, we at L&T Realty have put together just a few helpful pointers for you to keep in mind ahead of your big moving day.

Tips To Help Alleviate Your Moving Day Jitters

Starting Fresh
This is an underrated yet incredibly helpful tip for when you are in the process of moving apartments. When you are packing up all your belongings for the big moving day, it’s natural to try and pack as much as you possibly can. But sometimes a clean slate where you can start fresh is exactly what’s needed. There is almost sure to be a number of things that you do not actually need to take with you and will simply end up causing clutter and chaos. Moving homes, despite all its headaches, also presents a great opportunity for you to declutter and let go of the things that you do not really need. This is bound to be a fruitful decision, regardless of whether you’re looking to move into the apartments available in L&T Veridian at Emerald Isle or any other property.

Gather Supplies
In the days leading up to when you start packing your things up, make sure that you have all the supplies and equipment that you might need. This can include things such as boxes, tape, bags, box cutters, or anything else that might come in handy. There is also a good chance that you can rent moving equipment from a moving services company in your area, particularly for when you need more heavy duty equipment when moving bigger belongings. Also make sure that you have something to try and tie down your boxes, such as ropes to ensure that your boxes and furniture are secured safely.

Make a List, Check it Twice
It might take a while, but jotting down a list of the many things you will have to do for your moving day, as well as the different items you will need for it. Whether it is something simple and obvious like getting boxes for moving or perhaps something a bit more specific, try to mention everything you can in this checklist. Even if it is something obvious, it’s certainly still possible for it to slip your mind and you will end up regretting not taking note of it after it’s too late. It even helps to note down various details that might come in handy, such as the contact details for the moving company. When you complete a task or obtain an item that is listed down, you can then cross it off.

Start as Soon As Possible
This will no doubt end up proving to be an incredibly useful and time-saving decision. In most cases, you will know that you have to move at least a few weeks in advance, if not months. In such cases, try to start your packing process as soon as you possibly can. You can start by packing up items that you will not need before you move, which are not useful for the current time of year, or those that you only use once in a while. Doing so gives you a lot more leeway to pack slowly and in a more organized manner, ensuring that you do not miss anything and that you may also pack more efficiently. When the time finally comes to start moving your things, you will find that the majority of things have already been packed and ready to go.

Keep Your Essentials Close
While most of your belongings should be packed up in boxes and loaded up to be moved into your new home, there are a number of essential items that you should still keep close to you. These include items such as a change of clothes, any important pieces of paperwork, and a toothbrush, among other things. These can be packed into a bag or suitcase that you can carry with you during the moving process. This puts you in a much better position in case of a scenario where you lose or damage the belongings that you pack in the boxes while having them moved.

Packing Your Appliances
When you are shifting to another home, a tedious obstacle you are bound to run into is the packing of all your electrical appliances. In the case of large electrical appliances, you will most probably take the help of a moving company. It’s important that you make sure that the appliances are in the ideal condition prior to the movers arriving to start shifting them. This means defrosting your refrigerator, and unplugging it along with your television, washing machine, stove, and anything else. It’s important to turn off the gas supply, clean out your stove, and dismantle the racks which are attached to it.
Another major part about packing up your appliances for moving is to properly pack all the relevant power cords and wiring that come with them. Ensure that they are packed in such a way that you know which cord is used for each appliance. Ensure that each appliance is tightly packed in their boxes, preventing them from moving around inside and getting damaged. If you do not have the original box for your television, you can pack it within two boxes. This means packing it in one box, wrapping the box in bubble wrap and putting it in a bigger box. This will be more than enough to safely contain the appliance.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that you simply cannot control during the moving process when you are shifting apartments. But it certainly helps a ton to do your best to manage whatever you can control. These tips are here to help you do exactly that, and make your moving day as smooth as possible. Regardless of whether you are looking to move into one of the many high-quality flats for sale in Seawoods or any other property, keeping these tips in mind will do wonders for your peace of mind.

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