Things You Must Know About Purchasing a House at Different Life Stages

March 13, 2023
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The most expensive purchase you will likely ever make is a piece of property. It typically takes years of preparation and saving. So, when should someone buy a house? While there are many variables which top builders in India will put before you, like the city in question, average incomes, the reason for buying a property, etc., let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of home ownership at various ages.

In the 25-to-30 Age Bracket

Indians on average start making money around age 21. He or she has 4-5 years to build up enough money for a down payment on a starting property in any of India’s major cities. It is more likely that you can buy a smaller home or one in the suburbs at this age because housing prices are lower, but it provides you a head start on building wealth through real estate and on paying off your mortgage. You can always upgrade and enjoy appreciation benefits after selling your initial house.


  • Early financial discipline is taught.
  • Younger investment that will continue to increase in value for a long time.
  • Loans with a longer term are possible.
  • A head start in repaying the mortgage.


  • Might confine the individual’s career to a single city.
  • Initial EMIs could consume a large portion of income, leaving little money available for other expenses.
  • Due to the likelihood that one is still in the beginning stages of their job, loan eligibility may be lower. You may be possibly forced to accept a smaller loan.

In the Age Bracket of 30 and 45

Around this age, the majority of Indians get married and start families. The sense of security one seeks when residing with his or her family is enhanced by owning a home. This is the age when you should definitely think about buying a home as you’ve reached a more or less steady condition in your wages and career. The majority of people are quite well settled and have significant savings and income (much more so in case of an earning couple).


  • In most places, a good adequate budget for a home is made possible by decent savings and income.
  • Having a sense of security in your own house.


  • Planning for slightly larger dwellings is necessary as the family grows.
  • The appetite to take risks reduces with age

For Those 45 and Older

Most people will have reached the pinnacle of their jobs by this point as children are growing up and heading off to college. Many professionals at this stage of their careers already own homes, and some even think about buying a second home. In this age group, large costs may arise from aging parents and children as well as from their education and marriage. To ensure your post-retirement security, you should give buying a property a serious thought if you haven’t done so by this age. In an ideal world, you would want to stop paying rent once you have retired and should strive to pay off your mortgage by that time. You could opt to purchase a property that is ready for you to move into at this point.


  • Adult purchasers are aware of their needs and wants.
  • A wide range of residences due to higher budgets


  • Due to age, a shorter term for house loans
  • May prevent access to retirement money

The saying “the time is now” has long been true; in fact, the Indian real estate market has been so strong that losers have been few and far between. RERA has made it possible for buyers to invest with more assurance. There is little danger involved because real estate will continue to grow in the foreseeable future as long as you do your research before buying a home. Want to purchase a place which you call home? Take a look at the L&T Centrona price or that of Veridian Powai and other properties by L&T Realty to end your search for contemporary homes that grant the ultimate urban living experience.