Trendy Living Room Color Schemes Recommended by Interior Designers

November 17, 2023
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Colors are undoubtedly one of the important aspects of the visual appeal of an apartment’s interior, and this doesn’t simply mean the color of its walls. It includes the color of the walls, the upholstery, furniture pieces, accessories, as well as lighting. Whether you’re looking to invest in a luxury apartment at L&T Veridian at Emerald Isle in Powai or property anywhere else, putting together a visually appealing look for your apartment using the right color scheme is important. We at L&T Realty have put together this guide on a few color schemes that you can use, which do not take too much effort to recreate.

Chic Living Room Color Schemes That You Can Effortlessly Put Together

Nonchalant Neutrals
One of the easiest styles you can adopt for the interior design of your apartment is one which utilizes primarily neutral shades. Neutral colors can very easily look good, even more so when you pair the right colors with each other. While many people may tend to have the idea that neutral shades are far too simple or boring, it is simply because the neutral shades have not been matched well enough.
We recommend going for a look utilizing three neutral shades, such as gray, white, and brown. These shades are not only classy and easy to use with other colors, but they are easy to use. Brown can be incorporated using furniture pieces, the walls of the apartment can be any shade of white such as eggshell, and the curtains and other decor can be a smooth gray.

Plush Pastels
This is a bolder approach to interior design than most, but it can greatly pay off, as pastel shades can inject a unique blend of energetic and sophisticated style and vibrance into your apartment’s aesthetic. This is the ideal color scheme style for those who are looking to put together a less low-key interior aesthetic, with a range of vibrant shades that one can choose from. From pastel peach, to powder blue, to baby pink, to soothing yellows – there are several routes you could take if you’re looking to use pastels for your home interior.

Minimalistic Monochrome
The monochromatic style is one that has gradually become severely underrated over time, despite its timeless style and immense aesthetic appeal. This style utilizes the shades of black and white in creative fashion, and rarely ever looks out of place. Not only is it easy for one to style a monochromatic interior layout, but adding a third color apart from the black and white will still make the interior look effortlessly classy.
Many people are often under the misconception that a black and white looks unwelcoming and unsuitable for a home, but this stellar combination simply needs to be used tastefully. This is much easier to do than you might think. Try to introduce more variety to the look by using different textures, subtle detailing, and do not be discouraged from adding a touch of color. A great way to put together an elegant and cohesive look for the space is to use one of the colors more generously, and simply allow the other one to complement it.

White and Accents
White, while simple, is an effortlessly classic color to use for your apartment’s interior decor, and you can complement it with a range of different color accents to put together a stylish and balanced look. Arguably the best attribute of white when you are decorating an interior space is the fact that it can look good with practically any shade under the sun. A blue and white is a look that never goes out of style, and maintains a fresh yet soothing vibrance. Opting for a more deep shade of blue exudes a bold energy, while shades such as powder blue paired with white have a more calming presence. Don’t be afraid to complement this look with different accessories to give the space more depth and personality.

Earthy Tones
The use of earthy tones have become increasingly common in interior decor, with the rustic and nature-centric style rapidly gaining popularity over recent years. For the uninitiated, earthy tones include colors such as brown, green, orange, yellow, and red. We recommend opting for a combination of green and brown, while also balancing out these shades with white walls. Pairing this with furniture pieces which are dark in color such as black or deep brown, will create a wonderful amalgamation of earthy charm and classy sophistication.

While these are all living room color schemes that can work very easily, it is still vital that you can create a design that suits your personality and your tastes. Which is why we encourage experimenting with different styles, as it’s the best way to find your perfect interior color scheme and arrangement. Whether you’re thinking of purchasing one of the lavish residential units of L&T Raintree Boulevard in Bangalore or exploring the many residential projects in Navi Mumbai, there is a whole world of color schemes and styles you can try out.

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