A Glimpse of L&T Realty Futsal 2024

February 8, 2024
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Futsal’24, the yearly football spectacle organised by L&T Realty on February 3, 2024, demonstrated remarkable camaraderie and team spirit. Featuring twenty-one (21) teams, both men and women, the event epitomised a culture of collaboration that extends beyond the confines of the workplace. More than just a competition of goals, the tournament celebrated teamwork, diversity, and the lively community thriving within L&T Realty. In Futsal’24, we not only built connections through brick and mortar but also forged bonds through the kicks and passes on the field, emphasising our commitment to unity and shared enthusiasm.

Congratulations to the teams

1. Winners – 77 Crossroads
2. Runners Up – Powai East United
3. Winners (Women’s) – Chaos FC
4. Runners Up (Women’s) – Powai West